UNIDO and European Brand Institute sign a Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation

VIENNA, 1 October 2020 - The Director General LI Yong had a bilateral discussion with Gerhard Hrebicek, President of the European Brand Institute (EBI), to discuss next steps in the cooperation between UNIDO and EBI in support of branding for sustainability. In an economy that is increasingly digitalised and slowly recovers from COVID-19, brands can play an important role for an accelerated economic recovery across the globe. Expanding UNIDO’s and EBI’s branding activities globally could therefore contribute to swift economic recovery and achieve sustainable growth. On this occasion, the signed Memorandum of Understanding has been exchanged, which has been delayed due to COVID-19.

Gallery Brand Global Summit

Gallery Vienna Brand Gala

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Das war der Sustainable Brand Talk & 11. BRAND [LIFE] AWARD

Das European Brand Institute lud zum Sustainable Brand Talk sowie zur Verleihung des 11. Brand [Life] Awards ins Novomatic Forum.


Unter der Leitung von Gerhard Hrebicek, EBI haben sechs erstklassige Experten, wie Raphaela Fremuth, Coca-Cola HBC Austria, Herbert Kovar, Deloitte Österreich, Michele Haindl, QimiQ, Gabriela Maria Straka, Brau Union Österreich AG, Stefan Grafenhorst, Greiner AG, Christoph Schuh, APG, diskutiert, warum eine nachhaltige Marke wichtiger denn je ist und wo noch Aufholbedarf besteht.


Der Brand [Life] Award 2019 wurde vergeben! Wir gratulieren Internorm-Chefin Anette Klinger zu dieser Auszeichnung für Ihre Verdienste um die Marke.









(c) Christian Mikes
(c) Christian Mikes

Sustainable Brand Talk

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(c) Christian Mikes

Brand Global Summit 2019


Ernst Peter-Brezovszky UNESCO, Olga Memedovic UNIDO, Gerhard Hrebicek, European Brand Institute, iconvienna Brand Global Summit, Branding, UNIDO
Ernst Peter-Brezovszky UNESCO, Olga Memedovic UNIDO, Gerhard Hrebicek, EBI

The European Brand Institute invited to the 15th anniversary of the  Brand Global Summit under the motto "BRANDS CREATE PROSPERITY". For the first time in cooperation with UNIDO, numerous leading decision-makers from business, international organizations, politics and diplomacy from all over the world gathered on April 9th & 10th.


The Brand Global Summit on April 10, 2019 offered the opportunity to exchange experiences, to learn from success models and interesting discussions, according to Gerhard Hrebicek, founder and president of the iconvienna Brand Global Summit.
Gerhard Hrebicek, President of the European Brand Institute awarded NURI, ELK Bau and Vienna Capitals the Certified Brands certificates at the opening event on April 9 at the Novomatic Forum. ADMIRAL used the framework of the event to introduce the new brand ambassador David Hasselhoff, who will be the focus of the new brand campaign in the future. Coca Cola Austria also presented the sustainability project "Aus Flasche werde Flasche", the use of 100% recycled PET in Römerquelle product line.




WLF2018, Women Leadership Forum, European Brand Institute
Robin Dunnigan, H.R.H. Princess Abze Djigma, Renate Altenhofer, Wolfgang Ebner (©Katharina Schiffl)


On 18 September 2018, the European Brand Institute invited in cooperation with Novomatic, US Embassy, ÖBB, T-Mobile, Croma, A1 Telekom and UNIDO to the Novomatic Forum for the 6th WOMEN LEADERSHIP FORUM.


Under the theme FRAU.MACHT.INNOVATION the initiator Renate Altenhofer welcomed more than 200 participants to this year's exclusive networking event. Under the charming moderation of Sonja Kato, national and international decision-makers gave professional and personal insights into the challenges of female leadership in times of digitization, disruption and artificial intelligence.


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Harald Neumann, BM Margarete Schramböck, Gerhard Hrebicek; EU Brand Talk, Bundeministerium, Digitalisierung, Novomatic
Harald Neumann, BM Margarete Schramböck, Gerhard Hrebicek ©Katharina Schiffl

On 21st November the European Brand Institute invited to 10 years of BRAND [LIFE] AWARD and EU BRAND TALK on the topic of "Starke Marken braucht das Land" in the Novomatic Forum.


BM Margarete Schramböck, Gerhard Hrebicek and high-profile speakers discussed the value of strong brands for Austria and Europe, as well as the importance of brands as an indicator of prosperity. 


We congratulate Sportalm boss ULLI EHRLICH on the BRAND [LIFE] AWARD.

This year's Brand Ambassador Awards go to STROH Austria boss Harold Burstein, Wiener Schnitzel institution Hans Peter Figlmüller, Confiserie Heindl brothers Andreas and Walter Heindl, boutique hotel Stadthalle patron Michaela Reitterer, and homeless World Cup mastermind Harald Schmied (posthumously).



Brand Global Summit 2018

Brand Global Summit
v.l.n.r.: Jürgen Roth, Martin Eichtinger, Gerhard Hrebicek, Stefan Krenn ©Katharina Schiffl

The Brand Global Summit on April 19th, 2018 was dedicated to branding and innovation and offered "the opportunity to exchange experiences on the topic of brands, to learn from success models and to have interesting discussions", said European Brand Institute President Gerhard Hrebicek. So Top decision-makers from politics, business, science, international organizations and diplomacy as well as representatives of regions from more than 44 countries met to exchange experiences and join the exclusive networking in Vienna.


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 (C) Fotos: Katharina Schiffl


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