The megatrend brand

In today's idea-driven economy, intangible assets, and brands in particular, make the difference for consumers, including businesses and markets. Brands make up a significant portion of a company's market value.




  • To invest in companies with brands  - turn them into national/regional and global champions,

  • to create value as well as supporting the transition to a sustainable and inclusive economy.


What we do

  • Management of Brand Funds and other Brand Financing instruments.

  • Provide Know-How for Brand related Investments and develop financial instruments for sustainable brand investments, Branding for Competitiveness and Sustainable Growth (B4C) - Projects with UNIDO.


Our experience

  • Company & Brand Analysis, Brand Certification

  • Vast Brand Valuation expertise, value creation and development skills

  • Database and Analysis tools

  • Management expertise, Corporate Finance, Financial Modelling

  • A team with proven track record in Fund Management


3 Vehicles

Fund with stock listed Brands

Outperforming S&P 500


Private Equity for heritage and future Brands

Return approx. 15-20 % per year


Brand financing for heritage and future Brands

Return approx. 4-8 % per year

Value added

Investmentstory / -process

  • Brand value story and benefits

  • Funds managed according to ISO criteria

  • CI, branding, website, etc.

  • Analysis and selection of titles according to brand valuation methodology

  • Ongoing monitoring, lists of recommendations


  • Marketing to investors via EBI / Global Network

  • Marketing "EBI partner of UNIDO" - potential large Investors

  • Positioning at the Brand Global Summit (BGS) Vienna, and at other BGS international(possibly Moscow, Amsterdam, Doha, Boston)

  • Participation in various investor events (e.g. Institutional Investors Congress / GELDMAGAZIN)


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