Das war das eurobrand forum 2014

Unter dem Motto „ Innovation und Marke“ fand heuer am 8.10.2014 das eurobrand forum in Kooperation mit der US Embassy im Novomatic Forum statt.

Im Rahmen des exklusiven Marken-Events diskutierten Vertreterinnen der internationalen Business Community, Medien- und Markenexpertinnen die Zukunft von Marken, deren Aufbau, Management und Organisation zur nachhaltigen Wertschaffung. Themenschwerpunkte waren unter anderem Innovationen werden zu Marken – Marken zu Assets; Markenartikel und Retail im Wandel – Innovationen als Schlüssel undSport als Katalysator für internationale Entwicklung. Als Keynote Speaker konnte US Top Speakerin Mori Taheripour – Senior Advisor Sport for Development, USAID gewonnen werden. U.a. diskutierten folgende Speaker über die Zukunft von Marken und Marken der Zukunft: Mag. Martina Hörmer – Geschäftsführerin Ja! Natürlich, KR DI Dr. Gerhard Hrebicek – Vorstand European Brand Institute, Dr. Helene Karmasin – Leiterin Institut für Motivforschung, Mag. Gerald Steger – CEO café+co.

Keynote: Sports as Catalyst for International Development

There are many effective ways of using sports. People like to have athletes as idols. Athletes are global citizens just like everybody else, but they are powerful philanthropic brand ambassadors.

A practice that is used in this context is ‘experiential consumer engagement’ which is mostly designed for Millennials (people who were teenagers between 1990 and 2010). The aim is to engage costumers through a platform offered by sports.

If companies stand for more than money, income and revenue, consumers will more likely be inclined to like or follow them.

What sports can give to a brand is excitement and passion and it is possible to build a legacy of global impact through sports.

(c) Philipp Hutter
(c) Philipp Hutter

Mori Taheripour, Senior Advisor, Sport for Development, USAID

Innovationen als Marken - Marken als Assets

(c) Philipp Hutter
(c) Philipp Hutter

Dipl. Phys. Peter Bittner LL.M., President I3PM

KR DI Dr. Gerhard Hrebicek, Vorstand European Brand Institute

Mag. Martina Hörmer, Geschäftsführerin Ja! Natürlich, Präsidentin IAA Austrian Chapter

Dr. Gerald Ganzger, Lansky, Ganzger & Partner

Dr. Helene Karmasin, Leiterin Institut für Motivforschung

Dr. Josef Wurditsch, Partner Consultatio

Marken im Wandel - Innovationen als Schlüssel

(c) Philipp Hutter
(c) Philipp Hutter

Mag. Gerald Steger, CEO café+co

Ing. Paul Leitenmüller, CEO Opinion Leaders Network

Anett Hanck, Geschäftsführerin CSO VGN Verlagsgruppe News

Mag. Claus Renner, Sales & Marketing Director CEE Austrian Post Group

Mori Taheripour, Senior Advisor, Sport for Development, USAID

Gernot Zirngast, FIFPro Member of the Technical Committee 

Keynote: Challenges for Europe

IP concerns everybody - politicians, managers, unemployed people and it has the power to make a contribution to jobs in the EU. IP rights are highly valued by organizations. The establishment of IP is clearly combined with globalization and internet.

(c) Philipp Hutter
(c) Philipp Hutter

Nellie Simon, Director of Business Information Technology Office for Harmonization in the Internal  Market

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